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Journal Year Drug Authors Title Source
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Drug Saf 2002 Acetaminophen Kozer E, McGuigan M Approaches toward repeated supratherapeutic doses of paracetamol in children: a survey of medical directors of poison centres in North America and Europe Drug Saf. 2002;25(8):613-7
N Z Med J 2002 Acetaminophen Dillon C, Gee P Gastrointestinal decontamination in paediatric exploratory ingestions N Z Med J. 2002 Jun 7;115(1155):260-2
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Pediatrics 2002 Acetaminophen Scolnik D, Kozer E, Jacobson S, Diamond S, Young NL Comparison of oral versus normal and high-dose rectal acetaminophen in the treatment of febrile children Pediatrics. 2002 Sep;110(3):553-6
Pediatrics 2002 Acetaminophen Mortensen ME, Cullen JL Acetaminophen Recommendation Pediatrics 2002 Sept; 110 (3): 646