PUBMED - MEDLINE - U.S. National Library of Medicine

Database of publications.

EB Medicine

Newsletter for Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine, which provides clinicians with evidenced-based research.

PDR - Physicians Desk Reference

PDR provides access to drug information, news updates, and opportunities.

EMBASE - The Intelligent Gateway to Biomedical & Pharmacological Information

Biomedical and pharmacological bibliographic database, which provides access to the most up-to-date citations and abstracts from biomedical and drug literature.

PEM Mailing List

PEM discussion board.

American Academy of Pediatrics - Section on Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

An educational and informational forum for the discussion of drugs and therapeutics and their application to children.


PEM database provides latest research, discussion networks, and academic events in PEM.

Pem Fellows

Latest studies, updates, and job applications for PEM fellows.

Pediatric Pharmacotherapy

Monthly newsletter - a source of continuing medication information specifically related to children.


Updates in research for Pediatric Emergency Care.

Pediatric Emergency Research Canada

Pediatric Emergency Research Canada provides information on emergency research hospital locations, events in research, PERC projects.

European Society for Emergency Medicine

European Society for Emergency Medicine site contains discussion forums and research proposals for PEM.


Latest news in public health.

PEM Collaborative Research Committee

PEM Collaborative Research Committee facilitates collaborative research in PEM. Site contains publications from collaborative researchers.

Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine Journal


Paediatric Emergency Society

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Newsletters


Pediatric Emergency Care Journal