PRETx Areas of Interest in Translational Therapeutics

Translational Therapeutics - From bench to bedside - pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies of new medication.

Medication Safety - Determining sources for therapeutic errors in the acute care setting and discovering ways of preventing them in the future.

Adverse Events - Discovering and preventing side effects of common over the counter (OTC) and prescribed medications. Promoting cost-effective monitoring modalities while under pharmacologic treatment.

Patient Advocacy - Understanding factors affecting parental and patient compliance with prescribed medications.

Pain management in children - Trialing new drugs and devices to ensure proper analgesia during procedures in pediatrics.

Safe and effective Sedation - Medication, protocols and monitoring for procedural sedations in children.

Infectious Diseases -
Dosing and length of treatment with antibiotics.

Toxicology - Accidental and non-accidental overdosing of medications, natural health products and household materials.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Utilization, indications, physician and family attitudes, and adverse reactions of natural health products.