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Pediatrics 2001 Acetaminophen Treluyer JM, Tonnelier S, d'Athis P, Leclerc B, Jolivet-Landreau I, Pons G Antipyretic efficacy of an initial 30-mg/kg loading dose of acetaminophen versus a 15-mg/kg maintenance dose Pediatrics 2001 Oct;108(4): E73
Ann Pharmacother 2001 Acetaminophen Zolezzi M, Al Mohaimeed SA Seizures with intravenous codeine phosphate Ann Pharmacother. 2001 Oct;35(10):1211-3
Ir Med J 2001 Acetaminophen Laffoy M, Scallan E, Byrne G Paracetamol availability and overdose in Ireland Ir Med J. 2001 Jul-Aug;94(7):212-4
Paediatr Drugs 2001 Acetaminophen Litalien C, Jacqz-Aigrain E Risks and benefits of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in children: a comparison with paracetamol Paediatr Drugs. 2001;3(11):817-58
Pediatrics 2002 Acetaminophen Lesko SM, Louik C, Vezina RM, Mitchell AA Risk reduction in pediatric procedural sedation by application of an American Academy of Pediatrics/American Society of Anesthesiologists process model Pediatrics. 2002 Feb;109(2):236-43
Pediatrics 2002 Acetaminophen Lesko SM, Louik C, Vezina RM, Mitchell AA Asthma morbidity after the short-term use of ibuprofen in children Pediatrics. 2002 Feb;109(2):E20
Ann Emerg Med 2002 Acetaminophen Bond GR The role of activated charcoal and gastric emptying in gastrointestinal decontamination: a state-of-the-art review Ann Emerg Med. 2002 Mar;39(3):273-86
J Sch Nurs 2002 Acetaminophen Kolar KR, Fisher W, Gordon V "Nurse, my head hurts": a review of childhood headaches J Sch Nurs. 2001 Jun;17(3):120-5
BMJ 2002 Acetaminophen Fatovich DM Emergency medicine BMJ. 2002 Apr 20;324(7343):958-62
Emerg Med J 2002 Acetaminophen Wallace CI, Dargan PI, Jones AL Paracetamol overdose: an evidence based flowchart to guide management Emerg Med J. 2002 May;19(3):202-5