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Journal Year Drug Authors Title Source
BMJ 2002 Xibornol Arroll B, Kenealy T. Antibiotics for acute purulent rhinitis. BMJ 2002; 325: 1311-1312
Pediatr Emerg Care 2001 Xylazine Capraro AJ, Wiley JF 2nd, Tucker JR Severe intoxication from xylazine inhalation Pediatr Emerg Care 2001 Dec;17(6):447-8
Pediatrics 1998 Xylitol Mitchell AA Xylitol prophylaxis for acute otitis media: tout de suite? Pediatrics 1998 Oct; 102(4 Pt 1): 974-5
Pediatrics 2004 Xolair Silkoff PE, Romero FA, Gupta N, Townley RG, Milgrom H. Exhaled nitric oxide in children with asthma receiving Xolair (omalizumab), a monoclonal anti-immunoglobulin E antibody. Pediatrics. 2004 Apr;113(4):e308-12.
Pediatrics 1998 Xylitol Uhari M, Kontiokari T, Niemela M A novel use of xylitol sugar in preventing acute otitis media Pediatrics 1998 Oct; 102(4 Pt 1): 879-84
Pediatrics 1998 Xylitol Wright PF Xylitol sugar and acute otitis media Pediatrics 1998 Oct; 102(4 Pt 1): 971-2