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Journal Year Drug Authors Title Source
Arch Dis Child 2001 Thyroxine Albanese A, Hindmarsh P, Stanhope R Management of hyponatraemia in patients with acute cerebral insults Arch Dis Child. 2001 Sep;85(3):246-51
Pediatrics 2001 Trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole American Academy of Pediatrics. Subcommittee on Management of Sinusitis and Committee on Quality Improvement Clinical practice guideline: management of sinusitis Pediatrics. 2001 Sep;108(3):798-808
J Toxicol Clin Toxicol 2001 Toxins Boutis K, Shannon M Reactive airways dysfunction and systemic complaints after mass exposure to bromine J Toxicol Clin Toxicol. 2001;39(5):441-4
N Engl J Med 2001 Tetanus toxoid Barlow WE, Davis RL, Glasser JW, Rhodes PH, Thompson RS, Mullooly JP, Black SB, Shinefield HR, Ward JI, Marcy SM, DeStefano F, Chen RT, Immanuel V, Pearson JA, Vadheim CM, Rebolledo V, Christakis D, Benson PJ, Lewis N; Centers for Disease Control and Prev The risk of seizures after receipt of whole-cell pertussis or measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine N Engl J Med. 2001 Aug 30;345(9):656-61
Eur J Pediatr 2001 Tetracycline Ferwerda A, Moll HA, de Groot R Respiratory tract infections by Mycoplasma pneumoniae in children: a review of diagnostic and therapeutic measures Eur J Pediatr. 2001 Aug;160(8):483-91
J Pediatr 2001 Terbutaline Tsai YG, Lee MY, Yang KD, Chu DM, Yuh YS, Hung CH A single dose of nebulized budesonide decreases exhaled nitric oxide in children with acute asthma J Pediatr. 2001 Sep;139(3):433-7
J Pediatr Health Care 2001 Trimethobenzamide Rosenblum RK, Fisher PG A guide to children with acute and chronic headaches J Pediatr Health Care. 2001 Sep-Oct;15(5):229-35
Paediatr Drugs 2001 Thioridazine Varley CK Sudden death related to selected tricyclic antidepressants in children: epidemiology, mechanisms and clinical implications Paediatr Drugs. 2001;3(8):613-27
Vet Hum Toxicol 2001 Tricyclics McFee RB, Mofenson HC, Caraccio TR A nationwide survey of poison control centers comparing 1999 to 1998 triage and management of asymptomatic children who ingested tricyclic antidepressant Vet Hum Toxicol. 2001 Oct;43(5):305-7
Pediatrics 2001 Toxins Brown MJ, Shannon MW, Woolf A, Boyer EW Childhood methanol ingestion treated with fomepizole and hemodialysis Pediatrics. 2001 Oct;108(4):E77