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Journal Year Drug Authors Title Source
Am J Emerg Med 1998 Lithium Acri AA, Henretig FM Effects of risperidone in overdose Am J Emerg Med. 1998 Sep;16(5):498-501
Am J Emerg Med 2001 Lidocaine Udezue E. Lidocaine inhalation for cough suppression Am J Emerg Med. 2001 May;19(3):206-7
Am J Emerg Med 2005 l–Carnitine Lovecchio F, Shriki J, Samaddar R l-carnitine was safely administered in the setting of valproate toxicity Am J Emerg Med. 2005 May;23(3):321-2
Am J Health Syst Pharm 2008 Lidocaine Cregin R, Rappaport AS, Montagnino G, Sabogal G, Moreau H, Abularrage JJ Improving pain management for pediatric patients undergoing nonurgent painful procedures Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2008 Apr 15;65(8):723-7
Anesth Analg 2006 Lidocaine Jimenez N, Bradford H, Seidel KD, Sousa M, Lynn AM A comparison of a needle-free injection system for local anesthesia versus EMLA for intravenous catheter insertion in the pediatric patient Anesth Analg. 2006 Feb;102(2):411-4
Anesthesiology 2005 Lidocaine Sethna NF, Verghese ST, Hannallah RS, Solodiuk JC, Zurakowski D, Berde CB A randomized controlled trial to evaluate S-Caine patch for reducing pain associated with vascular access in children Anesthesiology. 2005 Feb;102(2):403-8
Ann Emerg Med 1998 LET Resch K, Schilling C, Borchert BD, Klatzko M, Uden D Topical anesthesia for pediatric lacerations: a randomized trial of lidocaine-epinephrine-tetracaine solution versus gel Ann Emerg Med 1998 Dec;32(6):693-7
Ann Emerg Med 1998 Lidocaine Ramos PC, Smith-Coggins R Pain Management for Pediatric Lumbar Puncture in an Emergency Care Setting Ann Emerg Med 1998 Sep;32(3 Pt 2):S52
Ann Emerg Med 1999 Lidocaine Kim MK, Kini NM, Troshynski TJ, Hennes HM A randomized clinical trial of dermal anesthesia by iontophoresis for peripheral intravenous catheter placement in children Ann Emerg Med 1999 Apr;33(4):395-9
Ann Emerg Med 1999 Lorazepam Pena BM, Krauss B Adverse events of procedural sedation and analgesia in a pediatric emergency department Ann Emerg Med 1999 Oct;34(4 Pt 1):483-91