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Journal Year Drug Authors Title Source
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BMJ 2003 Isoniazid Ormerod LP, Campbell IA, Davies PD, Fretheim A, Iseman MD, Chan E, Whitfield RJ, Khan R, Smith A, Rayner CFJ. Current medical treatment for tuberculosis. Aspects of chemotherapy and management need clarifying. BMJ 2003; 326: 550
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BMJ 2007 Ibuprofen Sadleir LG, Scheffer IE Febrile seizures BMJ. 2007 Feb 10;334(7588):307-11
BMJ 2007 Imipenem Morgan M, Palmer J Dog bites BMJ. 2007 Feb 24;334(7590):413-7
BMJ 2007 Ibuprofen Richardson M, Lakhanpaul M; Guideline Development Group and the Technical Team Assessment and initial management of feverish illness in children younger than 5 years: summary of NICE guidance BMJ. 2007 Jun 2;334(7604):1163-4
BMJ 2008 Ibuprofen Hay AD, Costelloe C, Redmond NM, Montgomery AA, Fletcher M, Hollinghurst S, Peters TJ Paracetamol plus ibuprofen for the treatment of fever in children (PITCH): randomised controlled trial BMJ. 2008 Sep 2;337:a1302
BMJ 2009 Influenza vaccine Garcia-Garcia L, Valdespino-Gómez JL, Lazcano-Ponce E, Jimenez-Corona A, Higuera-Iglesias A, Cruz-Hervert P, Cano-Arellano B, Garcia-Anaya A, Ferreira-Guerrero E, Baez-Saldaña R, Ferreyra-Reyes L, Ponce-de-León-Rosales S, Alpuche-Aranda C, Rodriguez-López Partial protection of seasonal trivalent inactivated vaccine against novel pandemic influenza A/H1N1 2009: case-control study in Mexico City BMJ. 2009 Oct 6;339:b3928
BMJ 2009 Ibuprofen Atkinson P, Chesters A, Heinz P Pain management and sedation for children in the emergency department BMJ. 2009 Oct 30;339:b4234