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Pediatr Crit Care Med 2002 Etomidate Piva JP, Menna Barreto SS, Zelmanovitz F, Amantea S, Cox P Heliox versus oxygen for nebulized aerosol therapy in children with lower airway obstruction Pediatr Crit Care Med. 2002 Jan;3(1):6-11
Prehosp Emerg Care 2003 Etomidate Deitch S, Davis DP, Schatteman J, Chan TC, Vilke GM The use of etomidate for prehospital rapid-sequence intubation Prehosp Emerg Care. 2003 Jul-Sep;7(3):380-3
Pediatr Emerg Care 2003 Etomidate Sacchetti A, Turco T, Carraccio C, Hasher W, Cho D, Gerardi M Procedural sedation for children with special health care needs Pediatr Emerg Care. 2003 Aug;19(4):231-9
Pediatr Emerg Care 2004 Etomidate Pollauf LA, Lutes RE, Ramundo ML, Christopher NC The educational experience of pediatric emergency medicine fellows in the use and application of procedural sedation/analgesia Pediatr Emerg Care. 2004 Jan;20(1):12-6
Resuscitation 2004 Etomidate Wong E, Fong YT, Ho KK Emergency airway management--experience of a tertiary hospital in South-East Asia Resuscitation. 2004 Jun;61(3):349-55
Pediatr Emerg Care 2004 Etomidate Kienstra AJ, Ward MA, Sasan F, Hunter J, Morriss MC, Macias CG Etomidate versus pentobarbital for sedation of children for head and neck CT imaging Pediatr Emerg Care. 2004 Aug;20(8):499-506
Ann Emerg Med 2004 Etomidate Mace SE, Barata IA, Cravero JP, Dalsey WC, Godwin SA, Kennedy RM, Malley KC, Moss RL, Sacchetti AD, Warden CR, Wears RL, Brennan JA, Whitson RR, Crown H, Kavanaugh D, Role SE; EMSC Grant Panel (Writing Committee) on Pharmacologic Agents Used in Pediatric Clinical policy: evidence-based approach to pharmacologic agents used in pediatric sedation and analgesia in the emergency department Ann Emerg Med. 2004 Oct;44(4):342-77
Anesth Analg 2004 Etomidate Cravero JP, Blike GT Review of pediatric sedation Anesth Analg. 2004 Nov;99(5):1355-64
Curr Opin Pediatr 2005 Etomidate Zelicof-Paul A, Smith-Lockridge A, Schnadower D, Tyler S, Levin S, Roskind C, Dayan P Controversies in rapid sequence intubation in children Curr Opin Pediatr. 2005 Jun;17(3):355-362
Am J Emerg Med 2005 Etomidate Hunt GS, Spencer MT, Hays DP Etomidate and midazolam for procedural sedation: Prospective, randomized trial Am J Emerg Med. 2005 May;23(3):299-303