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Journal Year Drug Authors Title Source
Ped Emerg Care 2007 Paracetamol Hon KE, Fu CA, Chor C, Tang PH, Leung T, Man C, Ng P Issues Associated With Dog Bite Injuries in Children and Adolescents Assessed at the Emergency Department Ped Emerg Care 2007; 23(7):445-9
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Clin Ther 2007 Paracetamol Kanabar D, Dale S, Rawat M A review of ibuprofen and acetaminophen use in febrile children and the occurrence of asthma-related symptoms Clin Ther. 2007 Dec;29(12):2716-23
BMJ 2008 Paracetamol Hay AD, Costelloe C, Redmond NM, Montgomery AA, Fletcher M, Hollinghurst S, Peters TJ Paracetamol plus ibuprofen for the treatment of fever in children (PITCH): randomised controlled trial BMJ. 2008 Sep 2;337:a1302
Lancet 2008 Paracetamol Beasley R, Clayton T, Crane J, von Mutius E, Lai CK, Montefort S, Stewart A; ISAAC Phase Three Study Group Association between paracetamol use in infancy and childhood, and risk of asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, and eczema in children aged 6-7 years: analysis from Phase Three of the ISAAC programme Lancet. 2008 Sep 20;372(9643):1039-48
Ann Clin Biochem 2009 Paracetamol Ryan J, Mandelt C, Wade H, Vasikaran SD Salivary paracetamol: evaluation of a colorimetric method in assessing deliberate self-poisoning Ann Clin Biochem. 2009 Mar;46(Pt 2):149-51
Pediatrics 2009 Paracetamol Levi N, Bastuji-Garin S, Mockenhaupt M, Roujeau JC, Flahault A, Kelly JP, Martin E, Kaufman DW, Maison P Medications as risk factors of stevens-johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis in children: a pooled analysis Pediatrics. 2009 Feb;123(2):e297-304
Eur J Pediatr 2009 Paracetamol Allegaert K, Veyckemans F, Tibboel D Clinical practice: analgesia in neonates Eur J Pediatr. 2009 Feb 17. [Epub ahead of print]
Lancet 2009 Paracetamol Prymula R, Siegrist CA, Chlibek R, Zemlickova H, Vackova M, Smetana J, Lommel P, Kaliskova E, Borys D, Schuerman L Effect of prophylactic paracetamol administration at time of vaccination on febrile reactions and antibody responses in children: two open-label, randomised controlled trials Lancet. 2009 Oct 17;374(9698):1339-50
BMJ 2009 Paracetamol Atkinson P, Chesters A, Heinz P Pain management and sedation for children in the emergency department BMJ. 2009 Oct 30;339:b4234