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Pediatr Neurosurg 2009 Octenidine Prusseit J, Simon M, von der Brelie C, Heep A, Molitor E, Volz S, Simon A Epidemiology, Prevention and Management of Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Infections in Children Pediatr Neurosurg. 2009;45(5):325-336
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J Emerg Med 2005 Octreotide Little GL, Boniface KS Are one or two dangerous? Sulfonylurea exposure in toddlers J Emerg Med. 2005 Apr;28(3):305-10
J Pediatr 1998 Octylcyanoacrylate Bruns TB, Robinson BS, Smith RJ, Kile DL, Davis TP, Sullivan KM, Quinn JV A new tissue adhesive for laceration repair in children J Pediatr. 1998 Jun;132(6):1067-70
Acad Emerg Med 1999 Octylcyanoacrylate Osmond MH, Quinn JV, Sutcliffe T, Jarmuske M, Klassen TP A randomized, clinical trial comparing butylcyanoacrylate with octylcyanoacrylate in the management of selected pediatric facial lacerations Acad Emerg Med 1999 Mar;6(3):171-7
Am Surg 1999 Octylcyanoacrylate Saxena AK, Willital GH Octylcyanoacrylate tissue adhesive in the repair of pediatric extremity lacerations Am Surg. 1999 May;65(5):470-2
Pediatr Emerg Care 2000 Octylcyanoacrylate Resch KL, Hick JL Preliminary experience with 2-octylcyanoacrylate in a pediatric emergency department Pediatr Emerg Care. 2000 Oct;16(5):328-31
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Acad Emerg Med 2003 Octylcyanoacrylate Farion KJ, Osmond MH, Hartling L, Russell KF, Klassen TP, Crumley E, Wiebe N Tissue adhesives for traumatic lacerations: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials Acad Emerg Med. 2003 Feb;10(2):110-8
Acad Emerg Med 2003 Octylcyanoacrylate Singer AJ, Giordano P, Fitch JL, Gulla J, Ryker D, Chale S Evaluation of a new high-viscosity octylcyanoacrylate tissue adhesive for laceration repair: a randomized, clinical trial Acad Emerg Med. 2003 Oct;10(10):1134-7
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J Athl Train 2008 Octylcyanoacrylate Beam JW Tissue adhesives for simple traumatic lacerations J Athl Train. 2008 Apr-Jun;43(2):222-4
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BMJ 2002 Ofloxacin Chan ED, Iseman MD Current medical treatment for tuberculosis BMJ. 2002 Nov 30;325(7375):1282-6
Pediatrics 2004 Ofloxacin Roland PS, Kreisler LS, Reese B, Anon JB, Lanier B, Conroy PJ, Wall GM, Dupre SJ, Potts S, Hogg G, Stroman DW, McLean C. Topical ciprofloxacin/dexamethasone otic suspension is superior to ofloxacin otic solution in the treatment of children with acute otitis media with otorrhea through tympanostomy tubes. Pediatrics. 2004 Jan;113(1 Pt 1):e40-6.
CJEM 2007 Ofloxacin Forsythe CT, Ernst ME Do fluoroquinolones commonly cause arthropathy in children? CJEM. 2007 Nov;9(6):459-62
Pediatr Emerg Care 2002 Oil Bulloch B, Tenenbein M Constipation: diagnosis and management in the pediatric emergency department Pediatr Emerg Care. 2002 Aug;18(4):254-8
Arch Dis Child 2002 Oil Riordan M, Rylance G, Berry K Poisoning in children 1: general management Arch Dis Child. 2002 Nov;87(5):392-6
Pediatrics 1998 Olanzapine Yip L, Dart RC, Graham K Olanzapine toxicity in a toddler Pediatrics 1998 Dec; 102(6): 1494
Ann Emerg Med 1999 Olanzapine Bond GR, Thompson JD Olanzapine pediatric overdose Ann Emerg Med 1999 Aug;34(2):292-3
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Eur Respir J. 2001 Omalizumab Solèr M, Matz J, Townley R, Buhl R, O'Brien J, Fox H, Thirlwell J, Gupta N, Della Cioppa G. The anti-IgE antibody omalizumab reduces exacerbations and steroid requirement in allergic asthmatics. Eur Respir J. 2001 Aug;18(2):254-61
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Pediatrics 1998 Omeprazole Moshkowitz M, Reif S, Brill S, Ringel Y, Arber N, Halpern Z, Bujanover Y. One-week triple therapy with omeprazole, clarithromycin, and nitroimidazole for Helicobacter pylori infection in children and adolescents Pediatrics 1998 Jul; 102(1): e14
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J Pediatr 2008 Omeprazole Goldman RD, Rogovik AL, Lai D, Vohra S Potential interactions of drug-natural health products and natural health products-natural health products among children J Pediatr. 2008 Apr;152(4):521-6
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Ann Emerg Med 2002 Ondansetron Ramsook C, Sahagun-Carreon I, Kozinetz CA, Moro-Sutherland D A randomized clinical trial comparing oral ondansetron with placebo in children with vomiting from acute gastroenteritis Ann Emerg Med. 2002 Apr;39(4):397-403
Ann Emerg Med 2002 Ondansetron Ramsook C, Sahagun-Carreon I, Kozinetz CA, Moro-Sutherland D A randomized clinical trial comparing oral ondansetron with placebo in children with vomiting from acute gastroenteritis Ann Emerg Med 2002 Apr;39(4):397-403
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Pediatrics 2002 Ondansetron Reeves JJ, Shannon MW, Fleisher GR Technical report: mercury in the environment: implications for pediatricians Pediatrics. 2002 Apr;109(4):e62