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Journal Year Drug Authors Title Source
N Engl J Med 2003 Lofexidine Kosten TR, O'Connor PG Management of drug and alcohol withdrawal N Engl J Med 2003 May 1; 348(18):1786-95
BMJ 2003 Long chain fatty acids Forsyth JS, Willatts P, Agostoni C, Bissenden J, Casaer P, Boehm G Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation in infant formula and blood pressure in later childhood: follow up of a randomised controlled trial. BMJ. 2003 May 3;326(7396):953
Arch Dis Child 2002 Loperamide Riordan M, Rylance G, Berry K Poisoning in children 2: painkillers Arch Dis Child. 2002 Nov;87(5):397-9
Pediatrics 2001 Loracarbef Takata GS, Chan LS, Shekelle P, Morton SC, Mason W, Marcy SM Evidence assessment of management of acute otitis media: I. The role of antibiotics in treatment of uncomplicated acute otitis media Pediatrics. 2001 Aug;108(2):239-47
J Pediatr 2001 Loratadine Bender BG, McCormick DR, Milgrom H Children's school performance is not impaired by short-term administration of diphenhydramine or loratadine J Pediatr. 2001 May;138(5):656-60
Paediatr Drugs 2001 Loratadine DeNicola LK, Gayle MO, Blake KV Drug therapy approaches in the treatment of acute severe asthma in hospitalised children Paediatr Drugs. 2001;3(7):509-37
Arch Dis Child 2002 Loratadine Baki A, Orhan F The effect of loratadine in exercise-induced asthma Arch Dis Child. 2002 Jan;86(1):38-9
BMJ 2002 Loratadine Koning S, van Suijlekom-Smit LW, Nouwen JL, Verduin CM, Bernsen RM, Oranje AP, Thomas S, van der Wouden JC Fusidic acid cream in the treatment of impetigo in general practice: double blind randomised placebo controlled trial BMJ. 2002 Jan 26;324(7331):203-6
N Engl J Med 2002 Loratadine Sampson HA Clinical practice. Peanut allergy. N Engl J Med. 2002 Apr 25;346(17):1294-9
BMJ 2002 Loratadine Barnetson RS, Rogers M Childhood atopic eczema BMJ. 2002 Jun 8;324(7350):1376-9