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Journal Year Drug Authors Title Source
Anesthesiology 2000 Ketamine Tanaka M, Sato M, Saito A, Nishikawa T. Reevaluation of rectal ketamine premedication in children: Comparison with rectal midazolam. Anesthesiology 2000; 93:1217-1224.
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CJEM 2000 Ketamine Ip U, Saincher A Safety of pediatric procedural sedation in a Canadian emergency department CJEM 2000 Jan;2(1)
Acad Emerg Med 2000 Ketamine Hostetler MA, Davis CO Age-based Comparison of Behavioral Reactions Occurring in the ED Following IV Ketamine Acad Emerg Med 2000 May; 7(5):551
CJEM 2000 Ketamine Worrall JC, Gurr DE, Walls RM, Pollack C Asthma Airway Management: The Prevalence of Ketamine Use as an Induction Agent for Rapid Sequence Intubation CJEM 2000 Jul;2(3) Scientific abstract 018
Acad Emerg Med 2000 Ketamine Hostetler A, Szilagyi PG, Auinger P Do Children in the Emergency Department Really Receive Less Analgesia and Sedation than Adults? Acad Emerg Med 2000 May; 7(5):549
Paediatr Nurs 2001 Ketamine Young S Comparing the use of ketamine and midazolam in emergency settings Paediatr Nurs. 2000 Mar;12(2):18-21
Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 2001 Ketorolac Beiter JL Jr, Simon HK, Chambliss CR, Adamkiewicz T, Sullivan K Intravenous ketorolac in the emergency department management of sickle cell pain and predictors of its effectiveness Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2001 Apr;155(4):496-500