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Journal Year Drug Authors Title Source
Pediatrics 1998 Baclofen Perry HE, Wright RO, Shannon MW, Woolf AD Baclofen overdose: drug experimentation in a group of adolescents Pediatrics 1998 Jun; 101(6): 1045-8
Pediatrics 1998 Baclofen Perry HE, Wright RO, Shannon MW, Woolf AD Oral and airway sequelae after hair relaxer ingestion Pediatr Emerg Care. 2002 Oct;18(5):401
J Pediatr 1998 Budesonide Shapiro G, Bronsky EA, LaForce CF, Mendelson L, Pearlman D, Schwartz RH, Szefler SJ. Dose-related efficacy of budesonide administered via a dry powder inhaler in the treatment of children with moderate to severe persistent asthma. J Pediatr. 1998 Jun;132(6):976-82
Pediatrics 1998 Beclomethasone Furukawa CC Aerosol beclomethasone dipropionate compared with theophylline as primary treatment of chronic, mild to moderately severe asthma in children, Pediatrics 1998 Jul; 102(1 Pt 2): 265
N Engl J Med 1998 Budesonide Johnson DW, Jacobson S, Edney PC, Hadfield P, Mundy ME, Schuh S A comparison of nebulized budesonide, intramuscular dexamethasone, and placebo for moderately severe croup N Engl J Med 1998 Aug 20;339(8):498-503
N Engl J Med 1998 Budesonide Jaffe DM. The treatment of croup with glucocorticoids N Engl J Med 1998 Aug 20; 339(8):553-5
Am J Emerg Med 1998 Benzodiazepines Acri AA, Henretig FM Effects of risperidone in overdose Am J Emerg Med. 1998 Sep;16(5):498-501
N Engl J Med 1998 Beclomethasone Malozowski S, Stadel BV, Pian LP Comparison of beclomethasone, salmeterol, and placebo in children with asthma N Engl J Med 1998 Sep 3; 339(10):704-5
Pediatrics 1998 Bicarbonate Committee on Drugs Drugs for pediatric emergencies. Committee on Drugs, Committee on Drugs, 1996 to 1997, Liaison Representatives, and AAP Section Liaisons Pediatrics 1998 Jan;101(1): e13
Acad Emerg Med 1998 Budesonide Elwood T, Morris B Inhaled budesonide: placebo problems Acad Emerg Med 1998 Sep;5(9):943-4