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Journal Year Drug Authors Title Source
Paediatr Drugs 2002 Budesonide Biggart E, Bush A Antiasthmatic drug delivery in children Paediatr Drugs. 2002;4(2):85-93
Paediatr Drugs 2002 Budesonide Muijsers RB, Noble S Montelukast: a review of its therapeutic potential in asthma in children 2 to 14 years of age Paediatr Drugs. 2002;4(2):123-39
Paediatr Drugs 2002 Budesonide Volovitz B, Nussinovitch M Management of children with severe asthma exacerbation in the emergency department Paediatr Drugs. 2002;4(3):141-8
Paediatr Drugs 2002 Budesonide Stannard W, O'Callaghan C Management of croup Paediatr Drugs. 2002;4(4):231-40
Pediatrics 2002 Budesonide Leflein JG, Szefler SJ, Murphy KR, Fitzpatrick S, Cruz-Rivera M, Miller CJ, Smith JA Nebulized Budesonide Inhalation Suspension Compared With Cromolyn Sodium Nebulizer Solution for Asthma in Young Children: Results of a Randomized Outcomes Trial Pediatrics 2002 May; 109 (5): 866-872
BMJ 2002 Budesonide Drake AJ, Howells RJ, Shield JP, Prendiville A, Ward PS, Crowne EC Symptomatic adrenal insufficiency presenting with hypoglycaemia in children with asthma receiving high dose inhaled fluticasone propionate BMJ. 2002 May 4;324(7345):1081-2
Curr Opin Pediatr 2002 Budesonide Kissoon N Acute asthma: under attack Curr Opin Pediatr. 2002 Jun;14(3):298-302
BMJ 2002 Budesonide Ekins-Daukes S, Simpson CR, Helms PJ, Taylor MW, McLay JS Burden of corticosteroids in children with asthma in primary care: retrospective observational study BMJ. 2002 Jun 8;324(7350):1374
Arch Dis Child 2002 Budesonide Perry RJ, Findlay CA, Donaldson MD Cushing's syndrome, growth impairment, and occult adrenal suppression associated with intranasal steroids Arch Dis Child. 2002 Jul;87(1):45-8
Pediatr Pulmonol 2002 Budesonide Dunlop KA, Carson DJ, Shields MD Hypoglycemia due to adrenal suppression secondary to high-dose nebulized corticosteroid Pediatr Pulmonol. 2002 Jul;34(1):85-6