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Emerg Med Australas 2006 Atropine Australian Resuscitation Council Paediatric advanced life support: Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2006 Emerg Med Australas. 2006 Aug;18(4):357-71
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Can J Emerg Med 2005 Atropine Fleming B, McCollough M, Henderson SO Myth: Atropine should be administered before succinylcholine for neonatal and pediatric intubation Can J Emerg Med 2005;7(2):114-7
Pediatrics 2007 Atropine Ghanta S, Abdel-Latif ME, Lui K, Ravindranathan H, Awad J, Oei J Propofol Compared With the Morphine, Atropine, and Suxamethonium Regimen as Induction Agents for Neonatal Endotracheal Intubation: A Randomized, Controlled Trial Pediatrics. 2007 May 7
Pediatrics 2007 Atropine American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Frush K Preparation for emergencies in the offices of pediatricians and pediatric primary care providers Pediatrics. 2007 Jul;120(1):200-12
J Paediatr Child Health 2007 Atropine Bhatnagar S, Mishra S, Gupta M, Srikanti M, Mondol A, Diwedi A Efficacy and safety of a mixture of ketamine, midazolam and atropine for procedural sedation in paediatric oncology: a randomised study of oral versus intramuscular route J Paediatr Child Health. 2007 Oct 10; [Epub ahead of print]